luni, 29 noiembrie 2021

Free predictions NFL Football USA 29 nov 21 night. Seattle Seahawks vs Washington Football Team

   free Monday night football pick for Monday. November 29th. 2021.    November 29 2021 on Monday night. Football is on the Seattle Seahawks and Washington. Football team to go over the post Total forty six and a half points. I expect Seattle to get a boost  offense. Flee, this week games. This Washington team that has allowed 26.7 points per  game that season, and twenty six point four points per game at home. This season, ponens with savaging,  391  yards per game in game stuff.  Opponents have also converted  

53 percent of their third Downs games, this Washington  team that season and they have also completed sixty eight point, one percent of their path. This games, Washington the season, averaging 270 passing yards per game, a game stump  Washington. Just put up 29 points against Tampa  Bay and 27 points last week, gives good Carolina defense and Seattle is given up  280 passing yards per game this season. And opponents have converted 40.6% of the third Downs. Gave Seattle on the road this season. 


Seattle Seahawks vs Washington Football Team

prediction total over 42.5 

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