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1 scene:first day: bet $1. Win/ second day $1 win/ continue..../ 2 scene: first day: bet $1 LOSE/ second day bet $2 win profit 0,8-$1/ 3 day bet $1 continue...../ 3 scene bet $1 Lose/ second day bet $2 Lose/ 3 day bet$2 Win / 4 day bet $2 Win Profit 0,8-$1/ Bet all time $2 until you earn profit. After that begin again with $1/ Try with $1. If you have profit, you can try with $10- $100 or more. Just try our free prediction. / Profit/month>>>> If You try with $1 You win per month $10/ If You try bet with $10 You win per month $100/ If You try bet with $100 You win per month $1000 etc.......................
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Se afișează postările cu eticheta NBA. Afișați toate postările

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free soccer , nba 10jan 21

Portland Trail Blazers (+13.5) 1.50 Portland Trail Blazers - Brooklyn Nets j
Manchester United or draw1.35 Aston Villa - Manchester United c2

sâmbătă, 8 ianuarie 2022

Free prediction NfL, NBA 08.01.21

Over 227.5 Over / Under,  Charlotte Hornet- Milwaukee Bucks  
Chiefs (-6.5) Denver Broncos-Kansas City Chiefs

You're in and of course state of New York, getting wound up. We'll have a deal. uh um We'll have uh you guys included in the deal here. Very shortly with seizures. Hopefully opening this week in the state of New York. um All right, so we're going kick it off here in a college basketball. For our first two plays 12 o'clock Eastern Standard Time. Yukon at Seton, Hall's seat and hold favorite by three and a half total of 138 course. Oh, Big East matchups, uh returning with UConn um returning. The big diesel this year. um I like Seton Hall here. At minus three and a half. I just think Yukon is just a year away. I think they're, they're a good home team. Think on the road. They're going to struggle this year. I like the Seton Hall tea and uh Seton Hall Team, Four Star play in this one. Now second play also um a college basketball play. It's going to be in the Big 12 K State at West Virginia. 2:00 uh Eastern Standard time. We see what should you be big favor here seven and a half total 130, of uh course, remember coach, Huggins, did Coach it? KState for one season before going back to his alma mater in between Cincinnati. So it was like a Sandwich Spot. Hey State always plays well against West Virginia. I like KState here, plus the seven and a half. This is not a West Virginia team that wins by big margins. Usually it's uh usually in that 5 to 6 uh where they grind you out, um KState plus seven and a half, is the play, it four and a half star play and that one. Now, before I get to my last, uh the NFL play, my last two NBA um place. Don't forget. You get my overall. Best Bets $25 uh off. I have an early. Riser best bet in college basketball and a late play in the NFL. So you get those $25 uh off both of those 1499 of uh Peace either. If you want one or the other or even better, you can purchase my week pass for 89 um bucks. Coming off a 30 day yesterday, easily hitting our best. Bet been redhot. The last five weeks, get in, on that best bet 89 um bucks. That's 50% off. That'll get you a bonus. Play, will have a best bet in NFL, best bet in college basketball display in college basketball, NHL play and in the And I will be putting up an NBA um player. We just check have to check the covid list every day in the NBA with so many guys getting that list daily. So um make sure you check in a tomorrow. Get my best bet check in tomorrow and all my plays. So, that'll give you a total of five plays if you purchase the week pass. Alright, Chiefs and Broncos, here. We have the other, uh the late game, um the Cowboys and the Eagles is our best bet of the day. Chiefs and Broncos is our free play Chiefs. Favored by 10 a half total 45. uh Four star player like the under 45. uh This is a very good Chiefs defense. The last few weeks have kind of been an outlier. But this is a Denver team uh with a backup quarterback. uh Drew lock. Has it been good? um A Broncos team? That sounds like fangio's on the way out. He's a defensive guy. I think they're going to play defense for him. Even if they lose this. I think it'll be a lower scoring game. I think the Chiefs would just like to get out of this game without any injuries. I like the under uh 45 fourstar play in this one. Now. uh to MBA Place 7:00 uh eastern standard time. Now, both of these are Advanced lines. I'm doing this early early, Sun, uh Saturday morning, like 12:30 uh in the morning Eastern Standard Time. So we're going have to use Advanced lines for this. um But usually, these are a pretty good as long as there's no Kovac uh or late injuries. uh Milwaukee Bucks. 7:00 eastern standard time at the Hornets. Of course, the Bucks. Nice went at the Nets last night tough backtoback spot total. 234. uh I don't think this boxing will be playing a whole lot of Defense. Their offense is been starting to click so. I do like the over to 34 in this one for Star play, as the Bucks are in backtoback. I think this one. It's a pretty high, scoring Affair. I was thinking like 122 2118 uh uh uh type game, uh pushing this easily, over uh Knicks and the Celtics, 7:30 Eastern Standard time for our second place. Celtics, of course lost at New York Knicks. uh Last timeout, uh buzzer, beater, bar, J Barrett. What a comeback by the Knicks. Nice shot by Barrett Celtics seven total 2008 uh and a half. If you're ever going to play, if you're the Celtics and get things done. This is the time. I like the over 20 uh uh eight and a half in this one as well. I just think the Celtics things are just not good on defense. And I mean, when you let a next team without uh Derrick Rose without Kemba, get what they got last game, that shows you how bad this defense has. I like the over 20 eight and a half. In this one for start Play. All right, so we'll do a quick recap. Don't forget. I got to Best Bets for today. Get an early riser and college basketball, bleep goes to 2:30 Eastern Standard Time. So make sure you get in on that early riser play $25 off. Just uh 1499 also have a Best Bet late. Same 49. Nine in the NFL, uh um or you can just buy my week pass where you'll get three bonus plays on top of that for uh 89 um bucks. Make sure you get in on that you get six or six more days of the Best Bets and bonus plays as well. After the five place for Saturday. Okay, in the order, I like these games for today, four and a half star player. Like KState plus seven and half at West Virginia, four and a half Star Play. um sorry for Star Play. I Like Seton Hall three and a half uh four star player like the under 45 and um the Broncos game for star player like Over uh 20 eight and a half of the Celtics game, and over uh four star player over to 34 bucks and hornets. So, those are my five free picks for Saturday. Hopefully stay hot and both are free picks and our video, put our a and our, Our Best Bets and premium place to make sure you get in on our Best Bets and premium plays got an early riser and college basketball, got a late play in the NFL and uh 3 bonus, Place uh NHL college basketball. And in the NBA's makes you get on all five of those place, but been getting that week pass links in the description, 89 uh bucks.

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free tips nba 08.01 21


- NBA - Jazz @ Raptors

- NBA - Hawks @ Lakers

- NCAAB - Xavier @ Butler

Utah Jazz (+18.5)

Asian Handicap, Match

Toronto Raptors


Utah Jazz



Over 217.5

Over / Under, Match

Los Angeles Lakers


Atlanta Hawks



under 140.5

Over / Under, Match

Butler Bulldogs


Xavier Musketeers

Starting off in the NBA Spurs and the Sixers. This is a six.  Spurs team that has really been struck down with covid and injuries and man. They have not been good during that stretch Sixers  six half total to  19. I like 26 or cheer  six and a half. Yep. This is six team that doesn't always like, you know, you look at their players and you're like this team should be better than what they have been this year. But I think against Spurs team, that's just just been absolutely terrible. Well since all this covid stuff outbreak, I like the Spurs here  six and a half. I think they do pull it off and when pretty easily then we go to another NBA game. 

Speaking of covid, speaking of injury, speaking of resting players  Jazz, at the Raptors, Raptors 11 have total to 22.  You see a jazz Team without for of their top five players tonight and Jordan Clarkson is questionable   came think who else they have a to have two or three of their next. Tires  are questionable. I have a feeling. This is gonna be like a JV  game  for the Jazz. I think everybody.  The top seven or eight are all going to be out.  The Raptors. I think, put the hammer down, remember this? Raptors team was one of those teams, not about couple weeks ago. They had a long time off because of all their  covid. Now, they're back full strength. I think the Raptors beat up on  a diminished Jazz team. That's not playing many of their best players. Jazz  get hammered will take the Raptors 11 

a half, four and a half star play in this one.  Now, before you can get,  we get to my last three plays. Don't forget, you get my overall best. Bet. We nailed it yesterday with Wisconsin. You get my bonus plays as well. You get my best bet. It's in college basketball tonight. You can get that $25  off. Just 1499 link is in the description. Even better. You can get all my plays which is the best bet. And the bonus plays, only way to get those bonus places to purchase the week. Pass, 50% off just 89 bucks. Today. We have a bonus play in the NBA bonus. Play in the NHL, plus the best bet. So make sure you on that. And then, Or she'll get six more days of the Best Bets and bonus Blaze. And we're going to have a busy Saturday. We're going to have couple NFL  games. Of course, then Sunday, we're going to have busy in those Sunday, and then Monday is national championship game in college football. So you'll get all those. 

If you purchase that week pass, plus all the bonus Flex. Okay? Xavier and  Butler and college basketball at 8:30 Eastern Standard Time. For you that don't follow Xavier Butler. This is been the huge rivalry for the last decade. Yes! Xavier's rival is Cincinnati and I'm in Cincinnati. So I know this is a beauty. Very well as well. As much as I know the Bearcats.  This Butler matchup has been. So even when Chris Mack was there. I mean, he ripped the  water fountain off the wall with a bad call late at Butler. This is got some bad blood in this series. Xavier favorite by six total. 132.  I think it's going to be low, scoring going to be very physical. And I think this one goes under the 132  this trend with this Butler. Team is unbelievable  10 of their  11 games, have gone under 10 

and 12, the under and  Xavier seven of their 13  games with one.  Ocean there have gone under. So, I like the under 132 here for Star play. Only reason, it wasn't a higher matchup as I worried about  this almost made a premi played. The reason is it didn't is, I worry about files because it's going to be so physical. I think both teams again in foul trouble, that might push this game closer to that total. So I was. But other than that, I like the under 130 24  and a half star played for the last NBA game, Hawks in the Lakers Lakers favored by two and a half total to 27. We've  seen a big over Trend in both of these  teams late. Latest games for in one to the over in the Hawks last five games, two and one to the over in Lakers last three games LeBron's playing in an elite level. He's 

not only scoring  35 Plus in the last four or five games. He's of course, dishing out of town and is rebounds. I think it pushes this one. /, / 227, four and a half Star Play. Now, last plays off the consensus report where she can get that full consent support underneath the premi picks dropdown, click on consensus twolves at Thunder. Three handicappers is 0 early in the morning about 10:00  Eastern Standard. On  over to 15 and  a half,  three handicappers, 20 in the to of Zen Thunder game. So those are our five free picks for today. Of course, we'll do a quick recap. All I ask of you guys. Hit that thbs up and put in the comments. I had to ban a bunch of people yesterday. Yeah. We had a bad day. Don't tell me after the fact how bad I am. If you think 

my pics  think put it in the comments  before the game. Tell me what you think of your place, whatever. But after the game, you know, you no one goes in there. After when I go when I go for in one instead one in four. No one goes in there and tells me about it. So don't tell me about it after the fact, FYI.  All right, in the order. I like these games. Don't forget though. My Best Bets been red. Hot link is in the description. $25 off. Best Bets in college basketball, just 1499 89  bucks. Gets You by Best Bets, and my bonus plays for seven days. Bonus play the in NBA, bonus, play in the NHL for today. Plus the best bet in six more days of the Best Bets and bonuses place.  Click that link in the description, four and a half Star Play. I like the Raptors 11   and half, four and a half star player. I like the 

over in the Lakers game at 2:27,  fourstar play. I like the under 132 in the Xavier Butler game 

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Free tips NBA, NHL 05.01. 21

 NBA - Pistons @ Hornets Hornets(C) -Minus 10 

- NBA - Warriors @ Mavs Warriors -minus 6 

- NBA - Nets @ Pacers  under 225 

Edmonton Oilers at Toronto Maple Leafs NHL 4-2(J) Toronto and draw

marți, 28 decembrie 2021

College Football Picks and Predictions, NBA 29 DEC 21

 NCAA  Virginia Tech vs Maryland  (54,5)over47.5

NCCA Oklahoma vs Oregon   (59.5)over 53.5

NBA Utah Jazz- Portland Blazers -------- blazers (+6.5) +11.5


luni, 27 decembrie 2021

tips NBA 27 dec 21

NBA - Rockets @ Hornets Hornet minus 2.5 - NBA - Celtics @ T-Wolves over 207.5

 three plays in the NBA to   prop plays in Monday Night Football kind of a deal on our best bet. We're going to do all this in around five to seven minutes. So stay tuned.  All right, so let's kick it off. Rockets in the Hornets to kick it off here and this is a  Rockets team that's been well, just like a lot of the MBA just absolutely killed with injuries and  covid. Protocols. 

And  I think it's a rough call  that they're going to have to try to win here at the Hornets Hornets.   six and a half total to 35 and a half.  I'm going take the Hornets here is going be a highscoring game and I just don't think the Rockets can keep up. They're just not at that point yet.  I too, like what they built here. They start to build these young guys up and I think in a couple years this rock is teams going to be back at the top but Not yet. So Hornets   six and a half. In this one 8  o'clock Eastern Standard Time Celtics in the twolves Celtic favored by six total to 14.   I like the over 214. Yeah. I know the twolves and the Salt Lake, both affected by covid. But as we saw the Celtics on Christmas day, 

they can put up points with the best of them. And I think that hot shooting continues Celtics.  I think when here, and I think the over is a play over 214,  four and a half star play in this one now. Yesterday, we went three one with our premi Place. Unfortunately, the one loss was my overall, best bet.  But as you see, my pics have been heating up for the month December. We're back at it today.  Have it play in the bow action. I have a play.  That's a bonus play. I have a best bet in the Monday Night Football, game, and I have bonus play in the NBA can get the overall. Best bet $25 off Link in  description for this 1499. Even better though, by that week pass 89  bucks. Seven days, my Best Bets seven days of my bonus play. So 

make sure you get It On that, MBA. you that the Monday and Night football bow action. goes early today and  So alright next game. we're looking at is  8:15.  Dolphins  three at the same total 37 and half. My best bet is in this game, but we're going to give out to prop place.  I like to  under the passing yards of 230 and a half. I just think this is going to be a grind them out game between these two teams, and I don't think there's gonna be a ton of passing yards, if   you like passing might not be the game. Game for you today to  under 2:30 and a half passing yards at the Saints. And then I like  that's a fourstar plate of four and a half star player  like Alvin Kamara, over twenty eight and a half receiving 

yards. I think you'll have a ton of  screenplays and  quick check Downs with, of course, the new starter book under center for the sink. So Kamara   over 20 and 28 and a half receiving yards. Then the last game Mavs at  the Blazers, 10:00  Eastern Standard Time. Because I'll pick them game. So you pick whoever you want. You don't have to lay any point. You just got to pick the winner. Total to 12 and a half. I like the Mavs here. I love what they did. Beating almost beating a very good jazz team


duminică, 26 decembrie 2021

Free tips NFL footbal USA , NBA 26,27 dec 21

 NFL - Giants @ Eagles

- NFL - Rams @ Vikings - NFL - Bears @ Seahawks - NBA Sacramento KingsMemphis Grizzlies

Giants and Eagles banged up. Giants. The team gets a pretty hot Eagles team right now. Eagles 10 total, 40 and a half. I do think the Eagles win this game. This is the division matchups that you can somewhat, you know, get a little carried away here when you 

get these double-digit spreads. I think the much safer play Eagles offense is hot. I think they go. over here. I think the over 40 and a half. so I was thinking  3021 type game. I mean, I really think it's much higher scoring. The people think member Washington with them, third, string quarterback for it. Really, I guess for things to order, but quarterback.  Did score against the Eagles. So I do think over 40 and a half or Star played kick it off here early game.  Another one o'clock game Rams at the Vikings Rams team that all of a sudden they win this game with  Arizona, losing last night, there in real position, to win this, win their division, this year,   raise three and a half total 49,  because a dangerous spot though, for a Vikings team that has been in seems like, every game this year. I think you take in a short week for the Rams. Remember, they had a play there. One of those teams had to play on Tuesday. Day, I like the under 49 here. I just think the Rams are going to run the ball. They're going to play to their defense and they're going to try to shorten this game. I like the under 49, four, and a half, star play in that one. Now, before I get to my last three plays, don't forget my Best Bets. Been good for the month of December. Came off a nice winter with the Colts. Last night. We got another winner for you today. Early, riser play in the NFL  goes, at 1:00  Eastern Standard Time. $25  off my overall best bet just 1499, or if you get in on that,  we Subscription, you'll get all my Best Bets and all my bonus place today. I have two bonus plays in the  NFL in a bonus play in the NBA. So make sure you get on those bonus plays, and all my Best Bets for seven days by purchasing that week pass at 89  bucks. Alright, Bears of Seahawks here, 4:00  Eastern Standard Time, a  team that's going to their third-string. Quarterback, of course, Super Bowl quarterback folds, but on the road against the Seattle defense has been pretty good this year, kept them in a lot of games. Even when Russell Wilson was out. Steel. Seattle six and half,  total forty-one and a half. I'm going to take the Seahawks. They're not completely out of the playoffs. I mean, obviously, they're going to be some crazy stuff but that's what we see sometimes late in these,  you know, in the playoff race has. I like to see Hawks here to stay alive with a nice win here. Seahawks sixandahalf. I do think they win by a touchdown, plus four and a half star 

play on that one. Now late,  another afternoon game Broncos, and the Raiders pick  them game here, the total 41 Both of these teams. Our realistically still in the hunt at seven and seven, but they're both going to need to probably win out. I don't think either one, I'm going  do it. I'd like the Raiders here, though to stay alive. I like them at. As a pic here are  four star play. I just think the Broncos they're limited on off.  saw him last week. This is  Raiders that can put pressure  on the pasture. So if they stop the run, that's a big problem. I like the Raiders here, at a Pick'em,  fourstar play now. My last flight is in the NBA.   Now, these are Advanced lines. Only because  with covet and all the restrictions, 

all that stuff. We have  a lot of these, just Advanced lines, but I think this one will stand Grizzlies, at the Kings to the Grizzlies at minus 4 and a half.  love this Grizzlies team, at four and a half year. I think this is a bad kings team that day. After Christmas, they're going to be a little hangover here. I like the Grizzlies  four and a half. 

vineri, 24 decembrie 2021

Free tips NBA, NFL 25 dec 21

  NBA - Hawks vs Knicks

- NFL - Browns  - Packers

- NBA - Warriors  - Suns

- NBA - Mavs  - Jazz

Hawks   and the  next   at  Madison  Square Garden here. Next  favorite by  seven,      of course,  a banged up Hawks team  that's missing a  bunch of  players.      So   to not  to of nine and a half,  remember this Hawks team though  without  all those  guys        just  beat.       A really good six or team  that  we  had  everybody.  So      I think you  have to  give the Hawks       role players,  a  

lot of credit  and   that one    and I think this is  a next team that probably will win  but  covering seven points, and  gets a little too  much. Let's take the Hawks     at plus       7.  In this  opening game    at noon for Star play     the       second game.    We're going  look at the  early  NFL game  Browns,  at the Packers, Packers  favored by  seven  and a  half toast,  total forty six  and a half. Of course.        You got a short week for the Browns as  they played on       Monday.        Then  you have to    play  the hottest team  in,    in  football.  The Packers  with the    probably          MVP at this.     This rate       Packers  favored by 7.5.,     I'm taking  the  package  here,  seven  and  half.    I know they're  eight and  to  the last   10 games, against the  spread.     They  got  back  doored  last game.  I  think they       learned  from the lesson. They're     banged  up    Browns. Team will  struggle here,  four and 

a  half Star Play Packers      seven and a half.           Okay. Now  my last  two  or  four, I  get  my last to place    my  overall best bet  is in the    NFL tonight. The late  game Colts  at  the  Cardinals.    Make sure you  get  in on  that,     $25  off.  Just  1499  link is  in  the description  even better  though.      Get my week pass.    We  pass  89      bucks.  That's       50%  off.  You'll  get my best bet for 7   days. And  all my bonus  place today. I have  two  bonus  plays  in the   NBA,     and  a bonus  play  in the bowl game        in college  football. And  of course, then    that  late game   in  the NFL            is my best bet.       Make sure you get  that  link is in the  description to save those.     Prices.       Okay.  Warriors  at the sun,  son's favorite  by  six  total    of two,  fifteen and a half.          As  much 

as everybody wants  to talk  about how  good these two   offenses are,          these are  the two of the best  defenses  in  the  MBA          and    without pool      at the,  for the Warriors.  I  think it's going to  have to be  about the defense  for both  of the   for the     Warriors       under to  15     and a half.  Is our play in this  one  for Star Play.     I  think the Warriors     will have to  rely on that defense  without pool  tonight. So  I like the  under to  15     and a half.           Last game  is the NBA   late game   Mavs  at the jazz jazz favored by 12 and  half total   214         or  start point. I like to master your  plus  12 a half.  Yeah.      I know they're missing  a lot.      This  is a mass  team though that have  started to play really. Well.  They,  they  relied  on that  defense     and  I  think,  you know, the Jazz,  you're on  Christmas  day.        

  All  you got to  do is get off  to a slow,  start  to  not cover  a 12 and half  number. So let's take the maps at plus  12 and  half year.        Like it's just enough points  to get  the  cover    with a mass banged up map steep. So     those are  your  for  free.    Don't  forget if you  haven't done. So       say merry  Christmas  say something.  Put it in the  comments    and     hit  that th bs up put the  comments. So what  you like  for  today       getting  on my  overall, best  bet link  is in the description.       You can get that $25 off just          1499  or    even better the week  pass.  89       bucks at 50%       off. You get all my  Best  Bets    and Bonus  Buys  three bonus plays  for today    to in the NBA, one  in college  football         and then the best bet  in the  late        NFL  game. So    get  that    and six more days  of my  best bet  sambonis place.   

 It's  okay  in the order. I like these games  for today,  four and a half star, pay like  the Packers    seven  and a half  four  star player  like  the        under  to  15     and a half in  the Warriors. Suns game     for Star  Play.  I like the  Hawks +7 4,  star  player   like the    Mavs      at plus  12 and a  half.  So  those are  your  four  free  picks for today. craig

joi, 23 decembrie 2021

Free tips NCAAF football, NBA, NFL 24.dec 21

NCAAF - UCF vs Florida - NBA - Pistons @ Heat - NFL - 49ers @ Titans

 I have  a     play    on one of  my  places  in that  early bowl  game,     Miami    and      Miami,  and  North Texas. So   if you  want that you'll have to     get in on  my  week pass. We'll talk  about that here in  a second.  But I do have  a play in this  late game here for you guys.    The  gas  Barreto, bow       Union,  Home, Mortgage  Gasparilla, opal,   UCF  

         versus Florida,  of course,       Florida.        In  the  middle of a  coaching change, so you got a  lot of  moving Parts,  count  players coming and going   opting out for this   bowl,      Florida favored    by  seven, total  55                 and  a half.  And    you know, I  mean if you've watched  any  bowls  the last  few  years, you know, it's all  about          motivation and  I just  think there's  Central  Florida. Team    is       in a  better spot   and they're going to  be  motivated  here   obviously  against their   in state  rival  here.    Every  kid that  was  at  probably Central Florida with of well, I've  been able to   go to Florida.    I think they play inspired football here.     ,   UCF    plus  7,       obviously     wish   you see, you  have quarterback,      what, not  opted out     but         you know,  he wasn't around what for the last 67       games this year. So I don't  think 

 that'll make  that  big a difference.  So I'd like  you  to get plus   7      in this one  for Star    place.       Okay. Now we go to the NBA.       NBA      of course has been ravaged  with  covid.      We're looking at  the Pistons and Heat  game.  7:30 Eastern Standard  Time, and    this  is a   rematch from what  on  the   19th  when          they  at  Detroit  and Detroit won  by  10 points,      Pistons     big  underdog.  Now, this time  ten  points,     ten  and a half, even see  some  out there, total  20,  two         and a half.  I like  the Pistons again, up 10. I know a lot  of people,  they  all its revenge, but  listen,    look who  all is  out for the heat.  It's a miracle that  there were  still even trying to win  games.       But,   you know,  to me,     it's just,    it's too much  ask  to cover  double digits        with    as many    injuries  in a    covid and all the stuff going  on for the 

heat. So  I like the Pistons +10         here, four  and  a  half  Star Play.       Okay. Now before  I  get,   My last       three picks, don't forget getting  on  all  my Best  Bets    link  is  in the description.    Save $25  off 1499.          Best bet is  in the    NFL,  Thursday  night, football  game. Of course,         make sure you  get  in on that.       I have  it for the full  game. So make sure  you  get in on  that  49ers,    Titans       winner that I  have for  you  $25 off, just         1499,  or  if you purchase that  week,  pass    at  that same link,  89     bucks  is      50%  off.    You'll get  my bonus  blight  in the  early bowl game between North Texas and Miami     and    I'll have  a bonus play      in the  NBA.  So make sure you  Get  in that. to bond  this  place, plus  my best bet  and six more  days of the  Best  Bets and bonus   Place. Make 

you  check out that week pass    at        89  bucks  or  get the  overall best  bet   at $25 off, just          1499  in  Thursday Night  Football tonight.     Okay. 49ers     in  Titans.    820  Eastern Standard  time. I have to  prop place  for you.       Yeah, the  the        49ers are the  favorite  here.    Three   total  44.          I like  to props.  I a  four and a  half star play  on the  prop  over       72 and   receiving yards for George  Kittles.  I mean he  George Kettle is  an  absolute.       Monster,          I      watched him  destroyed my Cincinnati Bengals.    I think the  Titans will really struggle to stop him    over seventy two and a  half receiving yards   for George  Kettle.           Then  I  have    a prop      for Star play  on Ryan    Tannehill.  Over to  ten and a half  passing yards. It sounds  like he might get  back          some of his receivers. 

 That would  be nice.    But I  think either way, I  just think  they  have to rely on him. They  haven't been able to run the ball.   I think      that will  be the  key  here Tannehill  ten and    over to    a   half.            Passing yards.     Okay,  last game,   last game for free  play for me,  spurs  in  Lakers       Spurs.       I  can't  understand how their, the underdog here Lakers favored  by  to    Total  to 24 and a  half.    It's a Lakers team that  obviously  their  goals       are  much different than this Spurs team,    but  specially   with     you have a  big  game  coming up  on,  of course,  Christmas Day.     I  think  they'll probably  come  in a little  distracted.  Again. This is just  a Spur steam that I  think is,     is  hungrier.     Healthier      a Lakers.     Just can't,  I  have to continue to feed this team,    and  I like the Spurs  here. Plus,  two,  four  and half star  play  in  this room.      All 

right. So, those are  my five free picks.  I'll do  a quick recap. Don't forget if  you haven't   done, so hit that,  th bs up and put  in  the comments.  Also. Don't forget    my  overall  Best  Bets  in  Thursday Night,  Football action tonight. Make sure you  get that $25  off,    just  1499. The link is in  the  description.         We're almost  up  about       10  units      with my  Best Bets  for the  month of December. So  we look to keep it  rolling.    Nice winner, yesterday  in the  Armed  Forces Bowl   with  the,  under  we  look  to come back  again tonight with  another  solid  winner.          Also, if  you want the  bonus  plays,  of course, you can put that  week  pass,   89     bucks  at      50% off my week  pass    and you'll get the  bonus  play in  NBA  and college football.  Early action       in  that Miami North, Texas  Bowl.       Okay,  in the order,  I  like these games  four and a  half  Star Play.  I like George Kettle  over.    Seventy two  and  a  half  receiving  yards 

 in  the     Thursday night. Football game, four and a half star play, like the Pistons   plus  ten,   four  and a half star player,  like the Spurs  plus  2      or star player like  UCF  +7      4,  star player    like Ryan       Tannehill.  Over  to  ten and a half passing yards. So  those are  my     five  free picks for today. 

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