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joi, 23 decembrie 2021

Free tips NCAAF football, NBA, NFL 24.dec 21

NCAAF - UCF vs Florida - NBA - Pistons @ Heat - NFL - 49ers @ Titans

 I have  a     play    on one of  my  places  in that  early bowl  game,     Miami    and      Miami,  and  North Texas. So   if you  want that you'll have to     get in on  my  week pass. We'll talk  about that here in  a second.  But I do have  a play in this  late game here for you guys.    The  gas  Barreto, bow       Union,  Home, Mortgage  Gasparilla, opal,   UCF  

         versus Florida,  of course,       Florida.        In  the  middle of a  coaching change, so you got a  lot of  moving Parts,  count  players coming and going   opting out for this   bowl,      Florida favored    by  seven, total  55                 and  a half.  And    you know, I  mean if you've watched  any  bowls  the last  few  years, you know, it's all  about          motivation and  I just  think there's  Central  Florida. Team    is       in a  better spot   and they're going to  be  motivated  here   obviously  against their   in state  rival  here.    Every  kid that  was  at  probably Central Florida with of well, I've  been able to   go to Florida.    I think they play inspired football here.     ,   UCF    plus  7,       obviously     wish   you see, you  have quarterback,      what, not  opted out     but         you know,  he wasn't around what for the last 67       games this year. So I don't  think 

 that'll make  that  big a difference.  So I'd like  you  to get plus   7      in this one  for Star    place.       Okay. Now we go to the NBA.       NBA      of course has been ravaged  with  covid.      We're looking at  the Pistons and Heat  game.  7:30 Eastern Standard  Time, and    this  is a   rematch from what  on  the   19th  when          they  at  Detroit  and Detroit won  by  10 points,      Pistons     big  underdog.  Now, this time  ten  points,     ten  and a half, even see  some  out there, total  20,  two         and a half.  I like  the Pistons again, up 10. I know a lot  of people,  they  all its revenge, but  listen,    look who  all is  out for the heat.  It's a miracle that  there were  still even trying to win  games.       But,   you know,  to me,     it's just,    it's too much  ask  to cover  double digits        with    as many    injuries  in a    covid and all the stuff going  on for the 

heat. So  I like the Pistons +10         here, four  and  a  half  Star Play.       Okay. Now before  I  get,   My last       three picks, don't forget getting  on  all  my Best  Bets    link  is  in the description.    Save $25  off 1499.          Best bet is  in the    NFL,  Thursday  night, football  game. Of course,         make sure you  get  in on that.       I have  it for the full  game. So make sure  you  get in on  that  49ers,    Titans       winner that I  have for  you  $25 off, just         1499,  or  if you purchase that  week,  pass    at  that same link,  89     bucks  is      50%  off.    You'll get  my bonus  blight  in the  early bowl game between North Texas and Miami     and    I'll have  a bonus play      in the  NBA.  So make sure you  Get  in that. to bond  this  place, plus  my best bet  and six more  days of the  Best  Bets and bonus   Place. Make 

you  check out that week pass    at        89  bucks  or  get the  overall best  bet   at $25 off, just          1499  in  Thursday Night  Football tonight.     Okay. 49ers     in  Titans.    820  Eastern Standard  time. I have to  prop place  for you.       Yeah, the  the        49ers are the  favorite  here.    Three   total  44.          I like  to props.  I a  four and a  half star play  on the  prop  over       72 and   receiving yards for George  Kittles.  I mean he  George Kettle is  an  absolute.       Monster,          I      watched him  destroyed my Cincinnati Bengals.    I think the  Titans will really struggle to stop him    over seventy two and a  half receiving yards   for George  Kettle.           Then  I  have    a prop      for Star play  on Ryan    Tannehill.  Over to  ten and a half  passing yards. It sounds  like he might get  back          some of his receivers. 

 That would  be nice.    But I  think either way, I  just think  they  have to rely on him. They  haven't been able to run the ball.   I think      that will  be the  key  here Tannehill  ten and    over to    a   half.            Passing yards.     Okay,  last game,   last game for free  play for me,  spurs  in  Lakers       Spurs.       I  can't  understand how their, the underdog here Lakers favored  by  to    Total  to 24 and a  half.    It's a Lakers team that  obviously  their  goals       are  much different than this Spurs team,    but  specially   with     you have a  big  game  coming up  on,  of course,  Christmas Day.     I  think  they'll probably  come  in a little  distracted.  Again. This is just  a Spur steam that I  think is,     is  hungrier.     Healthier      a Lakers.     Just can't,  I  have to continue to feed this team,    and  I like the Spurs  here. Plus,  two,  four  and half star  play  in  this room.      All 

right. So, those are  my five free picks.  I'll do  a quick recap. Don't forget if  you haven't   done, so hit that,  th bs up and put  in  the comments.  Also. Don't forget    my  overall  Best  Bets  in  Thursday Night,  Football action tonight. Make sure you  get that $25  off,    just  1499. The link is in  the  description.         We're almost  up  about       10  units      with my  Best Bets  for the  month of December. So  we look to keep it  rolling.    Nice winner, yesterday  in the  Armed  Forces Bowl   with  the,  under  we  look  to come back  again tonight with  another  solid  winner.          Also, if  you want the  bonus  plays,  of course, you can put that  week  pass,   89     bucks  at      50% off my week  pass    and you'll get the  bonus  play in  NBA  and college football.  Early action       in  that Miami North, Texas  Bowl.       Okay,  in the order,  I  like these games  four and a  half  Star Play.  I like George Kettle  over.    Seventy two  and  a  half  receiving  yards 

 in  the     Thursday night. Football game, four and a half star play, like the Pistons   plus  ten,   four  and a half star player,  like the Spurs  plus  2      or star player like  UCF  +7      4,  star player    like Ryan       Tannehill.  Over  to  ten and a half passing yards. So  those are  my     five  free picks for today. 

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