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vineri, 3 decembrie 2021

New York Giants vs Miami Dolphins free NFL Prediction December 5 2021

Now, you're free NFL. Pick for Sunday, December 5th. 2021  is on the Miami Dolphins, minus  4 over the New York Giants. The Giants will make their way to Hard, Rock stadium in Miami this Sunday to take on the Dolphins here in week 13,  the Giants come in after splitting their last four games and sit last in the  NFC East, with a 4 7 record on the season. Meanwhile Miami 

comes in at third in the AFC East for the 5 and 7 record. They're currently riding a fourgame winning streak after 33. 210 victory over the There's last time out. It was their third game in their last four, where they held their opponents to 10   or fewer points. The Giants   offense is only putting up 317 total yards and 18  point four points per game, and New York should struggle against this surging. Miami defense, Giants quarterback, Daniel Jones played through a  neck strain last week and it is still unclear. Whether he will play in this matchup. If not, Mike. Glennon is the backup to start for New York, and he hasn't want to start since 2006. 18  on the other end, the Dolphins have been benefiting from a healthy to a tugga by Lowa, back in their lineup. Plus not only have the Dolphins won, their last four straight, but they've also covered 

in their last four as well. Not to  mention. They've won their last three. Straight at home while the Giants have lost their last three while away, so be sure to play Miami 

Miami Dolphins +1.5

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