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Chicago Bears vs Pittsburgh Steelers 11/8/21Prediction NFL

 He was your free pick in the Chicago Bears versus Pittsburgh, Steelers  NFL matchup going down Monday, November 8th 2021.  Before we get to that free pick got to let you guys know Sports Chat Place. The original free pick side. We have every single game cover for you every day. So make sure you go on over to the website and check out all the free content. That's there, waiting for you. But  let's get to this one between the Bears and the Steelers and the bears come to the into this game 3 5  on the year off of that 33:22 loss  and hands of the 49ers and It was even in defeat. It was actually some of the best offense we've seen from the Chicago Bears this season. We're still last in the league in almost every  offensive stack category. These from a team perspective, you know, scoring total yardage and just hasn't been working for the Bears offensively the season. 

Meanwhile the Steelers, you know, coming off backtoback wins, four and three on the year after the  1510 win over the Cleveland Browns their last matchup, you know, the  Pittsburgh team banged up Ben Roethlisberger,  getting older. Father Time Leon those undefeated but he still he still kicking and he's still, he's got it, you know, his Squaw behind him. The problem is a lot of them are injured and,  you know, it just it's been black and blue for the  for the Steelers to season, not for the right reasons. But  as far as this one goes, I just haven't been impressed with the Steelers offensively, you know, I know that the Bears aren't anything to write home about on the offensive end, but they've been showing Improvement, especially Justin fields, and this is where you want to check the injury report. Cuz you know, if you can get 

sorry,  came Hakeem, Hicks back for the for  the Bears and you get Kaleo Mac for the Bears as well. That could be huge in terms of stopping the Steelers offense, which hasn't been. Like I said, very good this season to begin with Pittsburgh Steelers on the other hand. He only put up 15 points against the Browns, and the Browns have been pedestrian on the defensive end for the last few weeks. And,  you know, I just don't think that even against the Bears, the steel should be able to do. After to generate a win by at least a touchdown, I'm going to take the  the Chicago Bears and this one is could be an upset spot on Monday night and that's going to be my free pick. 

picks: Chicago+6,5

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