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vineri, 7 ianuarie 2022

free tips nba 08.01 21


- NBA - Jazz @ Raptors

- NBA - Hawks @ Lakers

- NCAAB - Xavier @ Butler

Utah Jazz (+18.5)

Asian Handicap, Match

Toronto Raptors


Utah Jazz



Over 217.5

Over / Under, Match

Los Angeles Lakers


Atlanta Hawks



under 140.5

Over / Under, Match

Butler Bulldogs


Xavier Musketeers

Starting off in the NBA Spurs and the Sixers. This is a six.  Spurs team that has really been struck down with covid and injuries and man. They have not been good during that stretch Sixers  six half total to  19. I like 26 or cheer  six and a half. Yep. This is six team that doesn't always like, you know, you look at their players and you're like this team should be better than what they have been this year. But I think against Spurs team, that's just just been absolutely terrible. Well since all this covid stuff outbreak, I like the Spurs here  six and a half. I think they do pull it off and when pretty easily then we go to another NBA game. 

Speaking of covid, speaking of injury, speaking of resting players  Jazz, at the Raptors, Raptors 11 have total to 22.  You see a jazz Team without for of their top five players tonight and Jordan Clarkson is questionable   came think who else they have a to have two or three of their next. Tires  are questionable. I have a feeling. This is gonna be like a JV  game  for the Jazz. I think everybody.  The top seven or eight are all going to be out.  The Raptors. I think, put the hammer down, remember this? Raptors team was one of those teams, not about couple weeks ago. They had a long time off because of all their  covid. Now, they're back full strength. I think the Raptors beat up on  a diminished Jazz team. That's not playing many of their best players. Jazz  get hammered will take the Raptors 11 

a half, four and a half star play in this one.  Now, before you can get,  we get to my last three plays. Don't forget, you get my overall best. Bet. We nailed it yesterday with Wisconsin. You get my bonus plays as well. You get my best bet. It's in college basketball tonight. You can get that $25  off. Just 1499 link is in the description. Even better. You can get all my plays which is the best bet. And the bonus plays, only way to get those bonus places to purchase the week. Pass, 50% off just 89 bucks. Today. We have a bonus play in the NBA bonus. Play in the NHL, plus the best bet. So make sure you on that. And then, Or she'll get six more days of the Best Bets and bonus Blaze. And we're going to have a busy Saturday. We're going to have couple NFL  games. Of course, then Sunday, we're going to have busy in those Sunday, and then Monday is national championship game in college football. So you'll get all those. 

If you purchase that week pass, plus all the bonus Flex. Okay? Xavier and  Butler and college basketball at 8:30 Eastern Standard Time. For you that don't follow Xavier Butler. This is been the huge rivalry for the last decade. Yes! Xavier's rival is Cincinnati and I'm in Cincinnati. So I know this is a beauty. Very well as well. As much as I know the Bearcats.  This Butler matchup has been. So even when Chris Mack was there. I mean, he ripped the  water fountain off the wall with a bad call late at Butler. This is got some bad blood in this series. Xavier favorite by six total. 132.  I think it's going to be low, scoring going to be very physical. And I think this one goes under the 132  this trend with this Butler. Team is unbelievable  10 of their  11 games, have gone under 10 

and 12, the under and  Xavier seven of their 13  games with one.  Ocean there have gone under. So, I like the under 132 here for Star play. Only reason, it wasn't a higher matchup as I worried about  this almost made a premi played. The reason is it didn't is, I worry about files because it's going to be so physical. I think both teams again in foul trouble, that might push this game closer to that total. So I was. But other than that, I like the under 130 24  and a half star played for the last NBA game, Hawks in the Lakers Lakers favored by two and a half total to 27. We've  seen a big over Trend in both of these  teams late. Latest games for in one to the over in the Hawks last five games, two and one to the over in Lakers last three games LeBron's playing in an elite level. He's 

not only scoring  35 Plus in the last four or five games. He's of course, dishing out of town and is rebounds. I think it pushes this one. /, / 227, four and a half Star Play. Now, last plays off the consensus report where she can get that full consent support underneath the premi picks dropdown, click on consensus twolves at Thunder. Three handicappers is 0 early in the morning about 10:00  Eastern Standard. On  over to 15 and  a half,  three handicappers, 20 in the to of Zen Thunder game. So those are our five free picks for today. Of course, we'll do a quick recap. All I ask of you guys. Hit that thbs up and put in the comments. I had to ban a bunch of people yesterday. Yeah. We had a bad day. Don't tell me after the fact how bad I am. If you think 

my pics  think put it in the comments  before the game. Tell me what you think of your place, whatever. But after the game, you know, you no one goes in there. After when I go when I go for in one instead one in four. No one goes in there and tells me about it. So don't tell me about it after the fact, FYI.  All right, in the order. I like these games. Don't forget though. My Best Bets been red. Hot link is in the description. $25 off. Best Bets in college basketball, just 1499 89  bucks. Gets You by Best Bets, and my bonus plays for seven days. Bonus play the in NBA, bonus, play in the NHL for today. Plus the best bet in six more days of the Best Bets and bonuses place.  Click that link in the description, four and a half Star Play. I like the Raptors 11   and half, four and a half star player. I like the 

over in the Lakers game at 2:27,  fourstar play. I like the under 132 in the Xavier Butler game 

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