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joi, 25 noiembrie 2021

free college USA football prediction 26 nov 21. Kansas State Wildcats vs Texas Longhorns

 free college football prediction. November 26. 2021  is on the Kansas State, Wildcats plus three and a half over the Texas, Longhorns. The Wildcats will. Oh, make their way to Austin Texas. This Friday to take on the Longhorns in a big 12 face off. Kansas state is coming off. A 9:40 loss to Baylor last time out, but prior to that, they were writing an impressive  four, game winning streak. They now hold a 7 and 4 record on the season. Meanwhile, the longhorn season has seemed to turn to a disaster. They come in writing one of the worst losing streak in the teams history with six straight defeats and have slumped second to last in the Big 12. In their last match up, they faced West Virginia and allowed four hundred and fifty nine yards of total  offense in the 31 to 23, defeat. Their defense has been nonexistent as they are allowing 439 yards and 32.4   points per game. And it doesn't help that their offense is missing huge key players. They hold a terrible 2 and 7 record in conference play and they now must face another big 12 opponent here Friday, Texas has not only failed to win their last six in a row. But they've also failed to cover in all of those six, Kansas state has proved to be a solid team, and they will be eager to bounce back after a loss in their last match up. So be sure to play Kansas State plus three and a half here, Friday. 

try Kansas State +6.5

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