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1 scene:first day: bet $1. Win/ second day $1 win/ continue..../ 2 scene: first day: bet $1 LOSE/ second day bet $2 win profit 0,8-$1/ 3 day bet $1 continue...../ 3 scene bet $1 Lose/ second day bet $2 Lose/ 3 day bet$2 Win / 4 day bet $2 Win Profit 0,8-$1/ Bet all time $2 until you earn profit. After that begin again with $1/ Try with $1. If you have profit, you can try with $10- $100 or more. Just try our free prediction. / Profit/month>>>> If You try with $1 You win per month $10/ If You try bet with $10 You win per month $100/ If You try bet with $100 You win per month $1000 etc.......................

duminică, 5 decembrie 2021

About Free Predictions.

Prediction sites allow you to compare a selection of the best free football predictions with just a few clicks. Free Prediction is a new type of decision support tool for online sports betting or ticketing. major events such as Ligue 1, Premier League, Champions League and international tournaments such as the World Cup or the euro.

What is the best prediction site? Which specialist gives the best predictions? Predictions Sites tries to answer all your questions with one purpose in mind: to allow you to follow the advice of the most trusted informant. To do this, we collect only the best advice from sports betting experts and calculate their performance to highlight the best.

A selection of forecast sites.

There are hundreds or even thousands. Between sports betting advice blogs, Facebook pages, specialized forums and great websites. In addition, we have selected for you the most reliable sources and experts. Please note that I consider only free sites. The most reliable sources of football betting tips:

The key to success in making good predictions about football? To be up to date with the latest football news, to be an expert in the main European and international competitions, to know how to decipher statistics, to analyze the team dynamics: you can't improvise like an expert in football predictions. So why not trust those who know the world of football best, that is, former players, consultants or even professional bettors?

In addition, we have selected for you the most reliable sources and experts. Please note that I only consider free prediction sites. 

Our tips for making good football predictions.

Statistics from former bookmakers, professional bettors - everyone agrees that football is probably the hardest sport to predict. A post, a penalty, or an elimination can change the course of a match, in which a small goal can make the difference. While big clubs and money tend to reduce this uncertainty, the number of factors that can affect the outcome of a football game is enormous.

There is no point in making predictions. There is no point in speculating because nothing is written in stone and everything can change in football from one moment to the next.

So, in order to increase your chances of winning football bets, you need to incorporate this uncertainty into your betting strategy. Here are some tips to follow for a winning football prediction:

Analyze the dynamics of the two teams in the last 5 matches using a football statistics site.

Never forget that in football anything is possible.

Check away players.

Get a balance of betting strategy that combines "safe" and "risky" bets.

Don't assume that the odds reflect the actual probability of placing a bet.

And, above all, never forget that it is a game! A game that should not endanger you!

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