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miercuri, 29 decembrie 2021

Free picks NCAAF 30 dec 21

 South Carolina Gamecocks (+17.5 )North Carolina   - South Carolina 

Wisconsin Badgers (-1.5) Wisconsin Badgers - Arizona State Sun

So this game is going down in Charlotte. We've got the Tar Heels 10   against South Carolina, Gamecocks, total on this one's 57. Now, this line opened at UNC    5, then it  jped up to minus 10.  Tell us why that nber so much movement on it. Yeah,  for this game. It was really coming down to,  which I was very surprised when he announced this. That Sam Howell, the starting quarterback for North Carolina will be playing in this game.  And then everybody loves him howl. He's projected to be a top  top prospect quarterback heading into this year's draft. Obviously the season that that  North Carolina Tar Heels had this year was not a very good one.  Considering they started the year nber 10 in the nation. And now they're looking at the Dukes Mayo bowl at is a 

six and six team against a six and six South Carolina team. Both, these teams have struggled against the spread so far this season and I think this lines move just way too much.  We have North Carolina. I had the screen protector on eight and a half. So  I want to go to South Carolina. And this game. This is just one of those spots where once the lines moved Five Points,  obviously, if this was North Carolina, 5 still, I'd be all over. Thar Hills in the spot. Just by a nber thing. I can see this being Tar Heels by seven in this game.  We have North Carolina coming into this one off of a heartbreaking loss in their last game. They were up 10 points against NC State in NC State, big rivalry game. He played in Raleigh there and  they were up 10 points and they gave up a touchdown. And then  

NC State recover, the onside kick and scored another touchdown to win that game, 3430.  They still covered that game, but they were Five and a half Point dogs, and South Carolina comes into this game off of a 32, nothing lost versus Clemson. After they beat Auburn 21 to 17 to  secure their spot in a bowl game. This year, both  teams, I believe South Carolina, this is probably an okay season for them. But North Carolina obviously, had higher expectations for this year. And I think this is a spot where I don't know how much they truly care about the Dukes Mayo Bowl here,  maybe a little bit of   enthusiasm. They're  playing another Carolina, but this is a spot where I think this is just way too many points at this point. Yeah, like I could say,  okay, so 

Sam how coming back, maybe he's coming back because of that atrocious, lost with NC State, and that's not how he wants to finish his career. You know, it's a wellcoached team that did not do well this year, good quarterback, who didn't do great quarterbacking this year.  So I'm with you and then I would be on   UNC Five Points all day long, but 10  like you said too many points, especially with two teams, so close in proximity fans are going to travel. The people will come to watch these to play. And I think like, you said, 10 is too many points 

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