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joi, 2 decembrie 2021

Free prediction NFL footbal USA 03.12.21 San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks

 you're free  NFL prediction for Sunday, December 5th. 2021 is on the San Francisco 49ers, minus  3 over the Seattle. Seahawks. Hawks these two teams will face off for the second time. This season, this time at Lumen field in Seattle. The Seahawks took the first win at Levi Stadium on October 3rd, and the 49ers will be eager for revenge in this matchup. Since then, the Seahawks have been struggling losing six of their last seven, including their last three straight and their only win over. That span came against a terrible Jaguars team. The 49ers on the other hand have seemed to be playing some of their best. 


San Francisco 49ers +3 

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