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sâmbătă, 8 ianuarie 2022

Free prediction NfL, NBA 08.01.21

Over 227.5 Over / Under,  Charlotte Hornet- Milwaukee Bucks  
Chiefs (-6.5) Denver Broncos-Kansas City Chiefs

You're in and of course state of New York, getting wound up. We'll have a deal. uh um We'll have uh you guys included in the deal here. Very shortly with seizures. Hopefully opening this week in the state of New York. um All right, so we're going kick it off here in a college basketball. For our first two plays 12 o'clock Eastern Standard Time. Yukon at Seton, Hall's seat and hold favorite by three and a half total of 138 course. Oh, Big East matchups, uh returning with UConn um returning. The big diesel this year. um I like Seton Hall here. At minus three and a half. I just think Yukon is just a year away. I think they're, they're a good home team. Think on the road. They're going to struggle this year. I like the Seton Hall tea and uh Seton Hall Team, Four Star play in this one. Now second play also um a college basketball play. It's going to be in the Big 12 K State at West Virginia. 2:00 uh Eastern Standard time. We see what should you be big favor here seven and a half total 130, of uh course, remember coach, Huggins, did Coach it? KState for one season before going back to his alma mater in between Cincinnati. So it was like a Sandwich Spot. Hey State always plays well against West Virginia. I like KState here, plus the seven and a half. This is not a West Virginia team that wins by big margins. Usually it's uh usually in that 5 to 6 uh where they grind you out, um KState plus seven and a half, is the play, it four and a half star play and that one. Now, before I get to my last, uh the NFL play, my last two NBA um place. Don't forget. You get my overall. Best Bets $25 uh off. I have an early. Riser best bet in college basketball and a late play in the NFL. So you get those $25 uh off both of those 1499 of uh Peace either. If you want one or the other or even better, you can purchase my week pass for 89 um bucks. Coming off a 30 day yesterday, easily hitting our best. Bet been redhot. The last five weeks, get in, on that best bet 89 um bucks. That's 50% off. That'll get you a bonus. Play, will have a best bet in NFL, best bet in college basketball display in college basketball, NHL play and in the And I will be putting up an NBA um player. We just check have to check the covid list every day in the NBA with so many guys getting that list daily. So um make sure you check in a tomorrow. Get my best bet check in tomorrow and all my plays. So, that'll give you a total of five plays if you purchase the week pass. Alright, Chiefs and Broncos, here. We have the other, uh the late game, um the Cowboys and the Eagles is our best bet of the day. Chiefs and Broncos is our free play Chiefs. Favored by 10 a half total 45. uh Four star player like the under 45. uh This is a very good Chiefs defense. The last few weeks have kind of been an outlier. But this is a Denver team uh with a backup quarterback. uh Drew lock. Has it been good? um A Broncos team? That sounds like fangio's on the way out. He's a defensive guy. I think they're going to play defense for him. Even if they lose this. I think it'll be a lower scoring game. I think the Chiefs would just like to get out of this game without any injuries. I like the under uh 45 fourstar play in this one. Now. uh to MBA Place 7:00 uh eastern standard time. Now, both of these are Advanced lines. I'm doing this early early, Sun, uh Saturday morning, like 12:30 uh in the morning Eastern Standard Time. So we're going have to use Advanced lines for this. um But usually, these are a pretty good as long as there's no Kovac uh or late injuries. uh Milwaukee Bucks. 7:00 eastern standard time at the Hornets. Of course, the Bucks. Nice went at the Nets last night tough backtoback spot total. 234. uh I don't think this boxing will be playing a whole lot of Defense. Their offense is been starting to click so. I do like the over to 34 in this one for Star play, as the Bucks are in backtoback. I think this one. It's a pretty high, scoring Affair. I was thinking like 122 2118 uh uh uh type game, uh pushing this easily, over uh Knicks and the Celtics, 7:30 Eastern Standard time for our second place. Celtics, of course lost at New York Knicks. uh Last timeout, uh buzzer, beater, bar, J Barrett. What a comeback by the Knicks. Nice shot by Barrett Celtics seven total 2008 uh and a half. If you're ever going to play, if you're the Celtics and get things done. This is the time. I like the over 20 uh uh eight and a half in this one as well. I just think the Celtics things are just not good on defense. And I mean, when you let a next team without uh Derrick Rose without Kemba, get what they got last game, that shows you how bad this defense has. I like the over 20 eight and a half. In this one for start Play. All right, so we'll do a quick recap. Don't forget. I got to Best Bets for today. Get an early riser and college basketball, bleep goes to 2:30 Eastern Standard Time. So make sure you get in on that early riser play $25 off. Just uh 1499 also have a Best Bet late. Same 49. Nine in the NFL, uh um or you can just buy my week pass where you'll get three bonus plays on top of that for uh 89 um bucks. Make sure you get in on that you get six or six more days of the Best Bets and bonus plays as well. After the five place for Saturday. Okay, in the order, I like these games for today, four and a half star player. Like KState plus seven and half at West Virginia, four and a half Star Play. um sorry for Star Play. I Like Seton Hall three and a half uh four star player like the under 45 and um the Broncos game for star player like Over uh 20 eight and a half of the Celtics game, and over uh four star player over to 34 bucks and hornets. So, those are my five free picks for Saturday. Hopefully stay hot and both are free picks and our video, put our a and our, Our Best Bets and premium place to make sure you get in on our Best Bets and premium plays got an early riser and college basketball, got a late play in the NFL and uh 3 bonus, Place uh NHL college basketball. And in the NBA's makes you get on all five of those place, but been getting that week pass links in the description, 89 uh bucks.

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