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duminică, 26 decembrie 2021

Free tips NFL footbal USA , NBA 26,27 dec 21

 NFL - Giants @ Eagles

- NFL - Rams @ Vikings - NFL - Bears @ Seahawks - NBA Sacramento KingsMemphis Grizzlies

Giants and Eagles banged up. Giants. The team gets a pretty hot Eagles team right now. Eagles 10 total, 40 and a half. I do think the Eagles win this game. This is the division matchups that you can somewhat, you know, get a little carried away here when you 

get these double-digit spreads. I think the much safer play Eagles offense is hot. I think they go. over here. I think the over 40 and a half. so I was thinking  3021 type game. I mean, I really think it's much higher scoring. The people think member Washington with them, third, string quarterback for it. Really, I guess for things to order, but quarterback.  Did score against the Eagles. So I do think over 40 and a half or Star played kick it off here early game.  Another one o'clock game Rams at the Vikings Rams team that all of a sudden they win this game with  Arizona, losing last night, there in real position, to win this, win their division, this year,   raise three and a half total 49,  because a dangerous spot though, for a Vikings team that has been in seems like, every game this year. I think you take in a short week for the Rams. Remember, they had a play there. One of those teams had to play on Tuesday. Day, I like the under 49 here. I just think the Rams are going to run the ball. They're going to play to their defense and they're going to try to shorten this game. I like the under 49, four, and a half, star play in that one. Now, before I get to my last three plays, don't forget my Best Bets. Been good for the month of December. Came off a nice winter with the Colts. Last night. We got another winner for you today. Early, riser play in the NFL  goes, at 1:00  Eastern Standard Time. $25  off my overall best bet just 1499, or if you get in on that,  we Subscription, you'll get all my Best Bets and all my bonus place today. I have two bonus plays in the  NFL in a bonus play in the NBA. So make sure you get on those bonus plays, and all my Best Bets for seven days by purchasing that week pass at 89  bucks. Alright, Bears of Seahawks here, 4:00  Eastern Standard Time, a  team that's going to their third-string. Quarterback, of course, Super Bowl quarterback folds, but on the road against the Seattle defense has been pretty good this year, kept them in a lot of games. Even when Russell Wilson was out. Steel. Seattle six and half,  total forty-one and a half. I'm going to take the Seahawks. They're not completely out of the playoffs. I mean, obviously, they're going to be some crazy stuff but that's what we see sometimes late in these,  you know, in the playoff race has. I like to see Hawks here to stay alive with a nice win here. Seahawks sixandahalf. I do think they win by a touchdown, plus four and a half star 

play on that one. Now late,  another afternoon game Broncos, and the Raiders pick  them game here, the total 41 Both of these teams. Our realistically still in the hunt at seven and seven, but they're both going to need to probably win out. I don't think either one, I'm going  do it. I'd like the Raiders here, though to stay alive. I like them at. As a pic here are  four star play. I just think the Broncos they're limited on off.  saw him last week. This is  Raiders that can put pressure  on the pasture. So if they stop the run, that's a big problem. I like the Raiders here, at a Pick'em,  fourstar play now. My last flight is in the NBA.   Now, these are Advanced lines. Only because  with covet and all the restrictions, 

all that stuff. We have  a lot of these, just Advanced lines, but I think this one will stand Grizzlies, at the Kings to the Grizzlies at minus 4 and a half.  love this Grizzlies team, at four and a half year. I think this is a bad kings team that day. After Christmas, they're going to be a little hangover here. I like the Grizzlies  four and a half. 

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