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luni, 27 decembrie 2021

tips NBA 27 dec 21

NBA - Rockets @ Hornets Hornet minus 2.5 - NBA - Celtics @ T-Wolves over 207.5

 three plays in the NBA to   prop plays in Monday Night Football kind of a deal on our best bet. We're going to do all this in around five to seven minutes. So stay tuned.  All right, so let's kick it off. Rockets in the Hornets to kick it off here and this is a  Rockets team that's been well, just like a lot of the MBA just absolutely killed with injuries and  covid. Protocols. 

And  I think it's a rough call  that they're going to have to try to win here at the Hornets Hornets.   six and a half total to 35 and a half.  I'm going take the Hornets here is going be a highscoring game and I just don't think the Rockets can keep up. They're just not at that point yet.  I too, like what they built here. They start to build these young guys up and I think in a couple years this rock is teams going to be back at the top but Not yet. So Hornets   six and a half. In this one 8  o'clock Eastern Standard Time Celtics in the twolves Celtic favored by six total to 14.   I like the over 214. Yeah. I know the twolves and the Salt Lake, both affected by covid. But as we saw the Celtics on Christmas day, 

they can put up points with the best of them. And I think that hot shooting continues Celtics.  I think when here, and I think the over is a play over 214,  four and a half star play in this one now. Yesterday, we went three one with our premi Place. Unfortunately, the one loss was my overall, best bet.  But as you see, my pics have been heating up for the month December. We're back at it today.  Have it play in the bow action. I have a play.  That's a bonus play. I have a best bet in the Monday Night Football, game, and I have bonus play in the NBA can get the overall. Best bet $25 off Link in  description for this 1499. Even better though, by that week pass 89  bucks. Seven days, my Best Bets seven days of my bonus play. So 

make sure you get It On that, MBA. you that the Monday and Night football bow action. goes early today and  So alright next game. we're looking at is  8:15.  Dolphins  three at the same total 37 and half. My best bet is in this game, but we're going to give out to prop place.  I like to  under the passing yards of 230 and a half. I just think this is going to be a grind them out game between these two teams, and I don't think there's gonna be a ton of passing yards, if   you like passing might not be the game. Game for you today to  under 2:30 and a half passing yards at the Saints. And then I like  that's a fourstar plate of four and a half star player  like Alvin Kamara, over twenty eight and a half receiving 

yards. I think you'll have a ton of  screenplays and  quick check Downs with, of course, the new starter book under center for the sink. So Kamara   over 20 and 28 and a half receiving yards. Then the last game Mavs at  the Blazers, 10:00  Eastern Standard Time. Because I'll pick them game. So you pick whoever you want. You don't have to lay any point. You just got to pick the winner. Total to 12 and a half. I like the Mavs here. I love what they did. Beating almost beating a very good jazz team


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