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Se afișează postările cu eticheta NFL. Afișați toate postările
Se afișează postările cu eticheta NFL. Afișați toate postările

joi, 2 decembrie 2021

Free prediction NFL footbal USA 03.12.21 San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks

 you're free  NFL prediction for Sunday, December 5th. 2021 is on the San Francisco 49ers, minus  3 over the Seattle. Seahawks. Hawks these two teams will face off for the second time. This season, this time at Lumen field in Seattle. The Seahawks took the first win at Levi Stadium on October 3rd, and the 49ers will be eager for revenge in this matchup. Since then, the Seahawks have been struggling losing six of their last seven, including their last three straight and their only win over. That span came against a terrible Jaguars team. The 49ers on the other hand have seemed to be playing some of their best. 


San Francisco 49ers +3 

luni, 29 noiembrie 2021

Free predictions NFL Football USA 29 nov 21 night. Seattle Seahawks vs Washington Football Team

   free Monday night football pick for Monday. November 29th. 2021.    November 29 2021 on Monday night. Football is on the Seattle Seahawks and Washington. Football team to go over the post Total forty six and a half points. I expect Seattle to get a boost  offense. Flee, this week games. This Washington team that has allowed 26.7 points per  game that season, and twenty six point four points per game at home. This season, ponens with savaging,  391  yards per game in game stuff.  Opponents have also converted  

53 percent of their third Downs games, this Washington  team that season and they have also completed sixty eight point, one percent of their path. This games, Washington the season, averaging 270 passing yards per game, a game stump  Washington. Just put up 29 points against Tampa  Bay and 27 points last week, gives good Carolina defense and Seattle is given up  280 passing yards per game this season. And opponents have converted 40.6% of the third Downs. Gave Seattle on the road this season. 


Seattle Seahawks vs Washington Football Team

prediction total over 42.5 

sâmbătă, 27 noiembrie 2021

NFL Free Prediction 28 nov 21 - Cleveland Browns vs Baltimore Ravens.

 free  NFL prediction for Sunday, November 28th. 2021  is on the Baltimore Ravens  three and a half over the Cleveland Browns. The Browns will make their way to Mt. Stadium in Baltimore this Sunday to Akon. The Ravens, in an  AFC. North battle, Cleveland comes in at forth in AFC North with a 6 and 5 record after beating the Lions 9:47 last time out. Meanwhile, the Ravens lead the AFC North with a seven and three record after beating the bear, 16  213. Last time out. They should have an even easier time here in week 12. 

Jackson has a four in one Mark against the Browns with an eighty five point eight. Total quarterback rating Baltimore thrive. Against AFC, North covering the spread in eight of their last 10 games, not to mention the Ravens play well against ranked opponents. Covering the spread in six of their last eight, against a team with a winning record, the Ravens also have a history of  covering against Cleveland doing so in eight of their last  11 meetings. be sure  to play Baltimore  three and a half  

Baltimore  +3.5


Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals Free Prediction 28 nov 21. Football NFL

 free NFL pick for Sunday, November 28th. 2021 is on Cincinnati. Bengals minus  4 over the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Pittsburgh Steelers will make their way  in Cincinnati. He Ohio this Sunday to take on the Bangles, the Steelers come in at third in the AFC  North with a 54  and 1   record on the season. They last faced the Chargers and were defeated 41 to 37. Meanwhile, The Bangles come in just above at second in the   AFC North with a 6 and 4 record. They last faced the Raiders and 132  213 their defense. Really stepped up last week, holding Vegas to just 278 total yards, including only 206  through the air.   The League's third-ranked passing attack, they should face a much easier time against this Pittsburgh team, whose offense is mediocre at best ranking in the bottom half in. Almost every major category.  Earlier this season, in Pittsburgh on September 26, where the Bangles outscored, the Steelers by 14   points. In the 9:36. Two feet Pittsburgh has shown Improvement since then, but likely not enough to keep this one close enough to cover while away.

 To be sure: Cincinnati +3


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